For All and None

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For All and None

What's the big deal 
With a couple degrees?
In the temperature outside
Or in my hand? 
Yeah my place is warmer
But my mind is still diseased
Watching the clock tick
The hourglass filling up with sand

Cause my old blue jeans
Are getting pretty faded
My opinions of the world
They're all jaded
My accomplishments so far
are overrated
I just wanna live a life

But who can tell me
I'm doing right? 
And who can tell me
How to live my life?
And who can tell me
WIthout a lie? 
That all the shit I do
Is worth my time

There's people without jobs
And I'm having fun
Sitting here reading books in a chair
And I'm all alone
While the streets cry out
For something to be done
And I write all my words
For all and none
I write all my words
For all and none


Ecological Thought

Let's talk ecological thought
I'm concerned about the oceans
How they're all gonna rise and swallow us up
Like the tv said they would
Let's talk about immanent extinction
Without arbitrary distinction
We're all gonna die
And the planet is doomed
But at least I got a few words. . .
here with you

Let's talk ecological thought
I'm concerned about the weather
Whether I wanna give a fuck
Like the people on tv
Some say its an elegant fiction
Regardless here's our prescription
We're all gonna die 
And the planet is doomed
But at least I got a few words. . .
here with you

How can you be so cruel? 
you say
What about the birds and whales?
you say
What about the human race? 
you say

Well I say let's not rush to win
Because they're ain't no prize at the end


Break, Blow, Burn

break blow burn and make me new

                                                       -John Donne 

Sorry I broke the fan
And shattered the hallway light
They're the only things in life
That don't put up a fight
I've never been to war
But i've read of it in books
Mostly by men who ran from it
in all the forms it took


But I can't help feeling
If I break blow up and burn shit
I'm renewed
And I can't help thinking
This is why we always end up
And we don't need a god or war 
to be left alone and confused

Sorry I said those things
That hurt you really bad
Sorry for all the drugs and drinks
I know I shouldn't have
I've never been to space
But I've seen it on a screen
Dust was floating past an earth
Blown to smithereens

in gasoline
We all burn the same. . .

Accidental Accent

I hate the things I call myself
They don't calm me down
But rattle off inside my head
'Til thought can't be found
I beat myself to pieces
There's no blood in my brain
All that I got room for now
Is the guilt for the grain

And the accidental accent
Of an aching voice
Tells me that I"m done for 
I don't have any choice
Left my freedom for my fear
And the message that it sends
That joy's a fleeting feeling
That ends once it begins
That joy's a fleeting feeling
That must end

I hate the things I tell myself
When I know that they aren't real
A semblance of a sentiment
That i don't wanna feel
I take it as a sign
From the stars or divinity
The line dividing self from sense
Goes on to infinity

How can it be
That the same damn things that's killing me
Can help me clearly see
What I want and who I wanna be
What I want and who I wanna be
What I want and who I want to be

My Poor Love

Well, I've been workin' real hard 
Just to keep myself in the drugs that I need 
To make me feel OK

And put some gas in my car 
Pay my rent feed my cat and have some time 
to say the words I need to say 

Tell me everything will be OK
Tell me all the money I need will get here someday 
I hope your satisfied with my poor love 
cause I know my heart is rich enough

I've been pushin' my cart 
Down these aisles for miles for god knows what 
To satisfy my thirst? 

To fill the hole in my soul 
wasn't water i sought for but something stronger 
to rid me of this curse 

Tell me everything will be just fine 
Tell me the highway will show us some restaurant sign 
I hope your satisfied with my starved love 
Cause I know my heart is full enough 

I've been tryin' my best 
To keep the dark thoughts of old haunts out of my head 
But they won't let me be 
And I can't get any rest 
Cause I'm unsure if pleasure or pain's in my chest 
It's a line that I can't read

Tell me everything will be alright 
Tell me you'll chase out all the bad dreams 
every night 
I hope your satisfied with my mad love 
Cause I know my heart is sane enough 

My heart is sane enough.


I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas 

                                                 ---T.S. Eliot 

Well the way you speak
makes me tremble in my knees  
As I fall into your voice  
And the way you write
keeps me burning in the night  
And I'm praying for another choice  

Do I dare
do I dare
disturb the falling of your hair  
Like the world was in a strand  
Bring a moment to its crisis
after coffee and surprises  
when I know just where I stand  
I'm only the other man   

Oh these ragged claws  
Could be human hands  
If you just sing to me  
Drag me out of the ocean  
Oh these ragged claws  
Could be human hands  
But I don't think you'll sing again  
No I don't think you'll sing again  
to me  
And I'll drown. . .  
And I'll drown. . .  
And I'll drown. . .  
And I"ll drown. . .  

So I'll grow my hair
and pretend that I don't care  
that its shaggin' in my eyes  
It hides my face
Its a period of grace  
from the sighs of another why  
And a pale pale thought
Decomposing and forgot  
Of a future never told  
It'll haunt my dreams
And will tear out all the seams  
I will wear my trousers rolled  
Oh to age and still be bold. . .  

And I'll drown. . .  
And I'll drown. . .  
And I'll drown. . .  
And I'll drown. . .

 Facts and Figures

I don't know what's right
I dont' know what's wrong
I can't win this fight
WIthout my weapon drawn 

And is it cynicism? 
When you can't make decisions
And you are forced to listen

When the saints pray for the sinners
And the experts become beginners
And you're fed their table scraps
For breakfast lunch and dinner

You're caught between the facts and figures

I don't know what's right
I don't know what's wrong
I can't win this fight
But I can sing my song

And is it apathy? 
When nightmares infect your dreams
And all the stories that you read

Distort the world you thought you'd known
And tell you that the grass won't grow
Unless you put it up for show
In an auction we lost long ago

It's a miracle the wind still blows. . .

Still blows. . .

If actions lie in acts
The passion that a lack
Condemns me to the back
Filling in the tiny cracks
Between the figures and the facts

Til We're Gone

High roads
Never traveled

Stained glass
Between the gravel

And clear dreams
indecision shattered

And no way
leads to home
Some say
We gotta go it alone
Til we're gone
Til were' gone
Til we're gone

Fool's gold
From pyrrhic battles

Aw shit
A crick without a paddle

And old words
That never mattered

And all skin
Turns to stone
And some say

We gotta go it alone
Til were' gone
Til we're gone
Til we're gone

And if you find a method
That will keep us warm and fed
Wont' you tell me your secret? 
Tell me your secret. . .

Undone by Grain 

If the sounds you made last night
Came out of my guitar
I'm damn sure I'd be pickin' somewhere better than this bar
Drinkin on a stool
WIthout care and without band
Not sure when the stage lights dim if I'm done or yet began
Well I'm tipsy and I'm topsy
And I can't see straight for shit
So I light me up a cigarette although I said I'd quit
And I down another whiskey
Just to feed my aching head
I know I'd wish that in the morning I had heeded what you said

If you're not home tomorrow 'morn I'll take the kids and go
You'll be left there with your bottle and a vacant empty home
And no more lines and melodies from days we spent in bed
You'll play your memories on guitar until you turn up dead

So I stumbled out the door
And throw my hand up for a lift
While searching for my savior buckled over and got sick

Kneeling in my filth
On 1st avenue and Main
Everyone just laughed aloud at the man undone by grain
I crawled over to a stranger
But I couldn't speak a word
The sounds were garbled garbage and nothing could be inferred
Just something about a wife and kids and losing them to drink
Spit in fragments and short phrases on the sidewalk left to sink

I finally found a lift from a girl who said she'd charge me nil
She said her name was Susie
But her voice suggested Bill
I said "no thanks" and walked away
As day breaks into dawn
If I didn't get home soon I knew my life would end up gone

So I started on the long walk
From the city to my home
With my thumbs outstretched to roads that were dryer than a bone
It took me hours and hours
And the sun was noontime high
I knew I'd been defeated when your car wasn't in sight
I walked up to the door
And prepared me for the worst
I punched the wood bloodied my hand and let out a loud curse
When I opened up the door
I saw the furniture was there
But the drawers in all the bedrooms were stripped naked and left bare

I sat there for awhile
And I cried until I slept
I dreamt of all the promises I made but never kept
I woke up to the sunlight
Throbbing head and nasty smell
If i didn't get a drink in me the day was gonna be hell

So I went to my old cupboard
But to my surprise. . .

No whiskey, gin, or vodka
No tequila or moonshine!

That bitch had taken every bottle I had ever owned
Emptied every hiding place where I stashed and stowed
Finding my guitar I tuned up and strummed a chord
At least she left me this and I thanked an absent Lord
Sober but hungover I sang my heart out to the rain
And my song is just an elegy to all men

undone by grain